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Is BioEdge Right For You?

Do you suffer from fatigue or decreased energy? ​

Do you have decreased libido or desire for sex? 

Do you have Erectile dysfunction? 

Do you have poor quality sleep or trouble sleeping? 

Do you feel moody, grumpy, irritable or suffer from depression?

Do you notice a decrease in strength or endurance? 

Do you notice weight gain or trouble losing weight? 

Do you notice changes in your body fat or muscle tone? 

Do you suffer from memory problems or difficulty concentrating? 

Do you have decreased ambition, drive, and/or motivation?

​If you answered YES to some or all the questions, you may be suffering from a hormonal imbalance and we recommend checking your levels.​

for Men

Individualized Hormone
Replacement Therapy

We offer the customized solutions you need to boost your testosterone levels and allow you to start feeling better again.

Alma DUO for

A minimally-invasive alternative to other ED treatments such as prescription medications, invasive surgery, and costly equipment.

Alma TED for

If you are experiencing male pattern baldness and want to get back what you’ve lost, then consider Alma TED hair restoration.

for Women

Individualized Hormone
Replacement Therapy

Hormone replacement therapy is an option to balance your hormones and improve your overall quality of life.

Alma DUO for

Alma DUO treatments can be effective for restoring your sexuality, increasing sensation, and improving your sex drive.

Alma TED for

If you are ready to get back what you have lost, then talk to our experienced team about Alma TED hair restoration treatments.


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